If just the idea of a laid-back holiday in Sydney bores you to tears, throw caution to the wind and get ready for some adrenaline-pumping fun.  Sydney is an exciting metropolis with a strong spirit of adventure, so you’ll find plenty of activities to suit your own personal thrill threshold.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
Your first thrill lies right on your doorstep.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is the ultimate Sydney experience.  One option is a three-hour-plus guided climb to the summit (134 metres up) on catwalks and ladders along the outer arch of the bridge.  A shorter climb, taking just over two hours, brings you through the inner arch to the top.  The “Discovery” climb is for the true adrenaline junkie, bringing you up close to the iconic structure as you ascend to the apex strapped to a group of likeminded daredevils.


Skydive Sydney
Once you’ve seen the view from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you might want to get even higher.  Skydiving is a really popular sport in Australia, with more and more people discovering the life-changing buzz it offers.  Some of the best places to try it out are within easy reach of Sydney.  Drop zones at Picton and Penrith just a short drive away, and if you fancy the idea of beach skydiving, Wollongong is a little over an hour away. Tandem skydiving with an expert jumpmaster means you can enjoy all the excitement of falling from the sky without any previous experience.

Parasailing Pleasures
If you’d like to take to the skies without plummeting from it, you might find parasailingless daunting.  That’s not to say that parasailing is a wimp’s sport – far from it!  This is a pulse-quickening pursuit that delivers incredible views of Sydney.  Having set out in a boat from Manly Wharf, you will be winched gently into the skies to a height of 450 feet.  You can parasail in pairs, making it the perfect sport for novices.

Motor Sports
Okay, enough of all this high-altitude action!  If you’re a motorhead with no head for heights and you’re looking for high-octane thrills, go to Sydney Motorsport Parklands  at Eastern Creek,about 35km from Sydney’s CBD.  Here you’ll find Australia’s capital of motorsports and speed.  High-profile motor racing events to be staged here include the A1 Grand Prix of Nations, World Cup of Motorsport , V8′s, National Drag Racing events, and Motor Club weekends.  You can watch the professionals burn rubber, or have a go yourself.  Start with the go-karts at Eastern Creek Karting Raceway, and progress to drag racing your own car at the Sydney Dragway.


Take a backseat and let somebody else do the driving.  Jet boating around Sydney Harbour is a great way to see the sights and get high on that invigorating sea air.   Jet boats perform full-circle spins on rides that speed past the opera house, Harbour Islands and the high-end enclaves of Watson’s Bay and Rose Bay before plunging out to Sydney Heads.  On the return spin, you’ll pass Taronga Zoo, under the Harbour Bridge,  and back by Luna Park Sydney.


Aoife O’Carroll is a staff writer for Nova Car Hire, a convenient website for arranging car rental in 26,000 locations worldwide, including car rental in Sydney.